Thursday, July 24, 2014

Different Options (Thu 7/24)

Today's meeting combined with the REU students brought some questions about our code, as well as some possible answers. Bethany suggested that instead of attempting to retrieve and check the images from the server each time the program is run, that we could instead download 100 images from each wavelength, and have them be accessed from the computer itself. This would allow the SuN to be run without a network connection, which is something that not all schools necessarily have. This is something that we have to consider, but the DSE still needs a network connection, which is something that are not able to change. We worked on this, as well as the other bugs we've been trying to squish for the remainder of the day. Also tried a factory reset to Windows 8 with the Lenovo laptop, as it had slowed right back down about a day after we tried the previous factory reset. I had to leave early for a doctor's appointment, so I'll see how well this worked tomorrow.

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