Friday, August 1, 2014

A Restful Day (Fri 8/1)

Worked a little more on the STN, but spent most of the day resting. Between a stop at Java's with other interns and the weekly volleyball game, I had a pretty relaxing day before heading off to Colleges and Careers for the weekend.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Showing off our Toys (Thu 7/31)

Spent a good part of the morning in meetings again. Started off with the normal intern meeting, which went on into peer review of our presentation outlines. Naturally, that took a while, and we had about a 5 minute turn around before our 10:30 meeting. However, the meetings weren't all bad, as Jimmy and I both won Blog of the Week, and we got free t-shirts. At about 10:25, we found out that our Thursday meeting, which was normally shared with the REU students, would be solely Insight Lab. In that meeting, we showed our remaining projects to Bethany and Bob, including the Space Adventure, Scales of the Universe, the Planeteranium, and Interactive Landscapes. Before lunch, we got in a pretty good game of soccer, with Jimmy and I combining to pack a solid offensive threat.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Presentation Outline

Here is the link to the presentation outline for Jimmy and I at the Insight Lab

Please feel free to comment

Restarting some older projects (Wed 7/30)

Spent today working on getting some of the other Insight Lab projects up and running. After some trouble with projectors, Zach was able to get both Space Adventure and Scales of the Universe running. Meanwhile, Jimmy and I continued working on the offline version of the STN.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Meetings upon Meetings (Tue 7/29)

After the normal intern meeting to start the day, we went almost directly into our Insight Lab meeting. There, we met the new interim director of the Imaging Science department. From our conversations with him, we learned that the Insight Lab will not be continued this fall, but may be reopened at a later date. Thus, we need to catalog and document all of our projects so that they can be picked up by whoever may continue them, whenever that may happen. Spent the remainder of the day putting some more finishing touches on the SuN, now renamed to the STN, or Sun Time-Lapse Navigator, including downloading and implementing more wavelengths in the offline version.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Lights. Camera. Lunch Break (Mon 7/28)

In the morning, I downloaded some more images, while Jimmy worked on coding the offline version of the SuN. After our run to Cross Roads in the rain, we began working more on the instruction manual and video with Austin and Rajab. We began filming, and got as far as inflating the ball before Rajab decided it was time for him to go to lunch. While that was going on, I found a really cool rubber band crossbow for Abraham to 3D print. If it works, he's taking the first one, and I have dibs on the second one.