Thursday, July 31, 2014

Showing off our Toys (Thu 7/31)

Spent a good part of the morning in meetings again. Started off with the normal intern meeting, which went on into peer review of our presentation outlines. Naturally, that took a while, and we had about a 5 minute turn around before our 10:30 meeting. However, the meetings weren't all bad, as Jimmy and I both won Blog of the Week, and we got free t-shirts. At about 10:25, we found out that our Thursday meeting, which was normally shared with the REU students, would be solely Insight Lab. In that meeting, we showed our remaining projects to Bethany and Bob, including the Space Adventure, Scales of the Universe, the Planeteranium, and Interactive Landscapes. Before lunch, we got in a pretty good game of soccer, with Jimmy and I combining to pack a solid offensive threat.

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