Thursday, July 10, 2014

Making progress towards being able to work on the Science-sphere (Thu, 7/10)

Started the day making a few changes to my totally "useful" page that I made with HTML and JavaScript. On the click of the button, it now picks a random platypus out of 3, displays the picture, and tracks the number of times each one has been displayed. Then, after a coffee break with the undergrads, I began trying to install Google Earth, since that is used to display all of the images for the digital solar explorer. The download went smoothly, but once I opened it, I got an error message that it could not reach the proper server, and was redirected to another site. After reading a bunch of solutions to other peoples' similar problems, I finally discovered that I had to change some DNS settings in the network, and it finally worked. After that, I was able to view a couple of the different wavelengths of the sun. We should be able to start working on the Science-sphere suitcase prototype as soon as the parts arrive. At the end of the day, we got to look at the code for the prototype, and began trying to fix a few problems they've been having

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