Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Throughout recent years, many technological advancements have allowed for scientific topics which once seemed far too remote to become accessible to the average person. We are hoping to continue with this trend by creating the Science-Sphere suitcase, along with the software which goes with it. The Science-Sphere is an inflatable plastic sphere, which is used as a 3D projection surface for spherical objects. The Science-Sphere can make use of both the Digital Solar Explorer, or DSE, as well as the Sun Navigator, or SuN. The DSE makes use of the existing template of Google Earth in order to show a 3D model of the surface of the sun at different wavelengths of light, as well as provide several facts about the sun. We will expand the DSE in the future to include images of other cosmological objects, such as planets, as well as certain organs, such as the eyeball. The SuN, on the other hand, allows the user to navigate through images of the sun across time, as well as in different wavelengths of light. Both of these projects, in combination with the Science-Sphere, will make science more accessible and more interesting, and hopefully inspire a love of science in those who use and see them.

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