Monday, July 14, 2014

We made Bucci proud (Mon, 7/14)

Today we made some real progress on the SuN. Before lunch, we made a few changes to the code, and then went to the other lab to begin setting up the Science-Sphere and connecting the Wii remote. Jimmy and I had to hunt through the whole building, with the help of Bob, to find 6 batteries for the Wii remote and the wireless sensor bar. Of course, we found them in the most obvious place, the main office. After lunch, I went to go visit a few other people's labs. I broke Adam's code again, allowing him to make more changes. Also, the DIY camera lab is far too comfortable, we may have to confiscate one of their chairs. After that, we were able to get the projector to project correctly onto the sphere, and configured the Wii remote to control the passage of time of the sun. Then we brought everyone down to view our progress, and Nick Bucci, the head undergrad in the lab, said he was proud of our progress. After that, the suitcase for the Science-Sphere finally arrived. Only then did we realize that it came in pink. We were able to fit everything in the suitcase, with room to spare for the few remaining parts that have to be purchased.

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