Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hello, egg (Tue, 7/15)

Spent most of the day trying to fix the small, stupid errors that kept popping up. The projection system worked fine on the laptop we had it on, but when we tried to transfer it to the Lenovo which is supposed to go with the system, we ran into two problems. First, the license we had for Smoothboard, the software which interacts with the Wii remote, was limited to the first computer, and so the Lenovo was running an unlicensed version. Second, even though the Lenovo had the same screen size and settings as the HP we were using previously, the aspect ratio of the projection was messed up, either being too wide or too tall as we tried to adjust the settings. We grew pretty tired of seeing the sun pop up in the shape of an egg. Finally, I made a crude pulley out of a binder clip in the ceiling. Whether or not it was 100% necessary is debatable, but it sure does work.

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